Monday, 30 July 2012

Choosing The Right Crockery For Your Restaurant

Choosing which range of crockery to use in your restaurant or hotel can be a daunting task given the variety of patterns, shapes and sizes of crockery available on the market today.  It is important to choose a pattern of crockery which will suitably reflect the style and atmosphere you are trying to create in your restaurant.  However, there are a few other points to consider which are just as important, if not more so, than how your crockery will look on the table.

How durable is your crockery?

Crockery being used in a commercial restaurant or hotel will be used constantly on a daily basis, being served to numerous tables and enduring many dishwasher cycles in its lifetime.

When choosing your crockery ensure that the range you choose is durable enough to withstand life in your kitchen, dining area and dishwasher.  Some of the cheaper ranges of crockery may seem like good value at the time of purchase but if this range is more susceptible to chipping or scratch marks you could find yourself having to restock some of your crockery sooner than expected.  Sometimes spending a little extra on your crockery initially can save you more money in the long run!

What size of crockery suits best?

You should ask yourself this question while bearing a few things in mind.  Firstly, what are your portion sizes going to look like on your new range of crockery?  Should you consider smaller or larger plates for serving your dishes?

Secondly, from a practical point of view when storing your crockery in your kitchen or storeroom, will this range of crockery fit on your shelves easily and allow you to store enough for future use?  You should also check that any new range of crockery will fit in your dishwasher if this is how you intend to wash it this way.

How versatile is your crockery?

Your new range of crockery may be used to serve multiple dishes from across your menu - potentially serving pizza, steak, pasta dishes as well as desserts and side dishes!  

When choosing a new range of crockery you should try to visualize how each dish would potentially look on the new range. We have many patterns of crockery on display in our showroom, it is sometimes best to call in and have a look at what we have available before making your decision!

Finally, choosing the right pattern of crockery!

When you have established what you want from your crockery the next step is normally choosing which pattern best reflects your style of dining or what you are trying to achieve in your restaurant.  New trends and patterns of crockery are emerging all the time and choosing the best pattern of crockery for your restaurant should not be a hastily made decision.

We have a large display of catering crockery and restaurant tableware in our Belfast showroom which is a great starting point for customers choosing a new range of crockery.  Seeing the crockery on the table before committing to buy gives you a much clearer idea of the pattern and sizes of the plates, etc. rather than only seeing the crockery in a catalogue before buying!

If you are beginning a new catering venture or re-vamping your current range of crockery please contact us or call into our showroom and we can help you find the best crockery for your catering establishment.


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