Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Price Comparison on Catering Equipment

Online Price Comparison on Some Kitchen Essentials

We've had a browse through the AJ Stuart website and after choosing a few everyday kitchen essentials, we've done a quick price comparison with some other catering supplies websites. You can see the results below!

We aim to offer the best value possible on all our online products and the results below show that we do offer many products cheaper than other catering equipment suppliers. Check out the results below, and remember we also offer free delivery on online orders over £50 - even more ways to save with AJ Stuart online!

Please note that all prices are correct as of 27th May 2013 and that in most cases the products chosen from each site are identical or the closest match has been used.

Product Our Price Nisbets Galgorm Alliance 3663 Catering

Clear Sauce Bottle (8oz)
£0.71 £0.89 N/A £0.89 £0.75

Ice Cream Scoop (Size 20)
£6.95 N/A £12.21 £11.64 N/A

Matfer Whisk (25cm)
£8.92 £9.99 N/A £11.81 N/A

Low Density Chopping Board
£6.40 £10.99 N/A £11.73 N/A

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl
£1.24 £3.99 N/A £1.49 £1.36

High Heat Spatula (10")
£3.50 £5.99 N/A N/A £4.56

Stainless Steel Colander (9.5")
£4.29 £5.49 £4.61 £4.69 £5.09

Glass Jug (1.3L)
£2.50 £2.50 £2.71 £2.74 N/A

Bourgeat Saucepan (16cm)
£26.12 £29.99 £34.97 £27.21 N/A

Alphin Pizza Bag
£20.13 £20.99 N/A N/A N/A

Proserve Pizza Bag
£22.28 N/A £30.29 N/A N/A

Tote Box
£5.00 £7.49 £14.25 £11.14 N/A

Space Saving Container (1.9L)
£3.61 £3.99 £4.72 £4.52 N/A

This is only a small taster of some of the great savings you can make with AJ Stuart online. We've also got a 'Special Offer' section with new offers being added each month and we've also created a brand new 'Clearance Lines' section where you can save up to 70% off some items!

Head on over to ajstuart.co.uk and check it out for yourself!

Chat soon! :)


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